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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Won’t Name Their Baby Yet

The couple would not be naming their baby anytime soon. They are waiting for her to come into the world.

Back in March 2020, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom revealed that they are expecting their first child together.

The gorgeous couple has also revealed the gender of their baby and they are having a daughter. They have a bunch of names for their baby.

Katy reveals recently that they will not be deciding on a name until the baby arrives. The pair wants to see which name fits their baby.

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Katy revealed recently on Mix 1041 that her baby will decide the name herself. She further says that she will look at her baby and will realize instantly, the name that fits her.

“We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we’ve got options and she’ll tell us. I’ll look at her and go, ‘Oh yeah yeah, you are her, you are that’”, Katy explains.

The new mom-to-be also revealed the emotional rollercoaster she is in during pregnancy. Katy later explains all the emotions that she feels. She reveals that she has been under every emotion during this time.

“I’ve been every emotion under the sun,” she says. Katy further explains saying she felt overwhelmed, anxious, happy, overjoyed, and depressed too.

I’ve been all of it,” Katy says.

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She further states that this is a wild time to bring someone into this world. Katy continues saying how even before this year started people were thinking how uncertain it all is. Now she describes being in the world as feeling “shaky boots”.

The singer also reveals how eager both her and Orlando are to become parents. They cannot wait to hold the little bundle of joy.

She further says that little girls are always supposed to be daddy’s little girl. Katy wonders how it is going to be saying, “we’ll see”.

While the couple is quarantining together, a source told People magazine that both of them are feeling the tension of staying together all the time. The source reveals that it is a stressful time for the couple like it is for the rest of the world. They further said that both of them have their careers, so they are not used to being with each other so much.

The source also revealed that Katy has been feeling all the things a first-time parent feels. She has her concerns about giving birth for the first time, reveals the source. Especially because things are so uncertain but either way she is very excited.

Although for Orlando Bloom, it is not the first time. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor shares a 9-year-old with ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. Even after that, we imagine he will feel scared to raise a child amid the pandemic.

The couple, however, is loving this positive distraction during this time. They are loving the fact that they have an amazing thing to look forward to.

Katy further reveals in her interview that Orlando is very excited for his little girl to come into this world.

Katy and Orlando got engaged in February 2019. The couple is putting a hold on their wedding plans as of now, because of the circumstances. They planned on tying the knot in Japan, this year.

An insider revealed that everything was coming together for the wedding. Katy was very excited to be walking down the aisle while she was pregnant, says the source. They were both very excited about tying the knot and having all the details come together. But they decided to put the wedding on hold because of the health crisis that emerged with time.

“The world is just a wild time, and it’s a wild time to bring life into the world,” Katy said in her interview.

Katy also has her new album Daisies coming out this summer. The album will release on August 14. In an interview with People on June 22, she revealed that there is a lot of time until her due date arrives. So it can be safe to predict that both her album and her baby girl will be here around the same time.

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