Kate Winslet Is On Board For a New HBO Drama Series

HBO is coming up with a new limited series- Trust and can you guess who is going to return for it?

Well, do not worry we got you covered.

It is none other than the  Emmy winner Kate Winslet. The limited series – Trust is based on Hernan Diaz’s best-selling book that was released in May and will star and be executive produced by the Emmy winner- kate Winslet.

This series will mark the actor’s third HBO series. She was previously seen in the other HBO series like Mare of Easttown which was a suspense show based on a crime committed in a Pennsylvania town and Kate is seen playing the role of a detective to investigate the crime.

The second show on HBO showed Kate in a lead role in the short series Mildred Pierce in which she played the role of a mother who, after a divorce, struggles to build a life for herself and her daughters.

Both these roles helped her to win the award for an outstanding lead actress category. Kate will be both starring and casting in the series.

Overview of the show

The series follows the story of a young financier who comes across a novel based on him. He disapproves of the content of the story for the way he and his family have been portrayed in the book. On discovering this, he decides to correct his record and hires a secretary to write a ghostwritten tale of him. But she soon discovers that he’s trying to rewrite both his own history and the role his wife played in it.

The series revolves around the drama of the financier and the ghostwriter who slowly discovers all the secrets of the financier and his family.

In addition, Diaz will serve as executive producer of the film version of his book, which examines issues of talent and wealth, intimacy and trust, and reality and perception.

Kate Winslet will also be starring in the most anticipated movie of the year  James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water. Other projects of Winslet include Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin, Lee, and Fake! , and 2017 saw the publication of Diaz’s first book, In the Distance.

It would be exciting to see Kate Winslet making her appearance again on the screen with her incredible performance in the series.

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