Kate Middleton's First Post-Spare Appearance Are Trusted Wardrobe Staples

Kate Middleton’s First Post-Spare Appearance Are Trusted Wardrobe Staples

Kate Middleton has come back to work post a few chaotic weeks. The Prince and Princess of Wales saw the release of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary. Following that, the couple also saw the release of Harry’s bombshell memoir, Spare.

Hence, for her trip to Merseyside, the Princess leaned back on fits that she can trust. This included a Holland & Cooper coat that she previously wore in 2021. The Princess also donned the coat recently when she planted a tree in Queen Elizabeth II’s memory.

Kate paired it with checked outerwear along with a navy knitted dress under that. Along with it, she donned an Amberley bag in forest green by Mulberry. She has been captured with the bag several times before as well.

This might not be surprising that Kate is leaning on her comfort style for the recent visit. The Princess has always been known for reusing her wardrobe as she wears looks more closely. She promotes the message of sustainability.


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