Karine Sho-Time Thornton Putting Excellence on Display as a Music and Entertainment Personality

With excellent performance comes more open windows and doors of opportunities. Karine Sho-Time Thornton has been nothing short of excellent over the years as he built a career in entertainment, trying his hands at numerous things in entertainment and striking gold at all of them.

He is currently the director of music engagement for rapper Soulja Boy’s new social media app, Kandiid, but beyond that, he’s a tested, proven, and trusted entertainment personality who has paid his dues. He’s a rapper, actor, and creative director with numerous entertainment ventures under his control. Despite the raging COVID-19 pandemic, he has explored his creative side to its fullest and now has a range of entertainment projects slated for release over the next few months.

He has an untitled upcoming album in the works, and in his unreleased project catalogs, he has two movies, a reality show, and a television series. He’s also the casting director for Streetline Video, and he runs one of the hottest battle rap platforms in New York, Sho-Time Battle Rap League. While he is steadily building his career in entertainment, he’s paving the way for as many upcoming artists as possible by giving them a platform to showcase their talents and work with them. He has spent a lot of time in the studio with his signed artist Stack Daniels, and they have created songs like “Fan Klub,” ” Body,” and “Stay in Your Place.”

With a growing presence on various social media platforms, Karine Sho-Time Thornton never shies to showcase his talents and gifts. He often posts comedy skits and music clips on his social media pages to entertain his growing audience. He has grand plans to take the entertainment industry by storm in 2022 and build his profile as an entertainer while working with as many upcoming artists as possible.

Sho-Time Thornton has been in the entertainment industry for decades and has paid his dues with the multiple projects he has been a part of. He has worked with numerous entertainers and celebrities, and he draws inspiration from their achievements and talent. His work at Kandiid app has connected him with many people and entertainers globally.

In a few years, Karine Sho-Time Thornton hopes to be at the top of the entertainment industry, entertaining people and putting entertainers in the spotlight. He takes pride in his abilities and his work ethic. “I’m a beast, I work hard, and I’m good at what I do,” he said. “The entertainment industry is a vast space with opportunities for talents to thrive. I hope to continue doing my best to support talents and project myself more to the world,” he added.

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Deborah Blum is an American journalist working for Clout News covering famous influencers, artists and celebrities.

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