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Kareena Kapoor Khan discusses her pregnancy skincare: My dermatologist serves as both cook & kitchen

Jehangir Ali Khan, the Bollywood diva who gave birth to her second child in February, has always had flawless skin. Kareena admitted that her gorgeous skin was due to her genes even during the virtual launch of her pregnancy book.

The Good Newwz actor dedicated an entire chapter to her skincare during her pregnancy in her book, which she co-wrote with director and BFF Karan Johar.

The actress begins by admitting that she didn’t think she looked beautiful during the first trimester of her second son, Jeh Ali Khan’s, pregnancy. “The process of making a baby drained all of my strength. I had dark circles beneath my eyes that were puffy “She had dry areas on her cheeks as well! The actress went on to say that her mantra was to not be bothered about her physical changes, and that she didn’t have any beauty routines at the time!I’m not into those expensive beauty products with all their AHA and retinols,” she stated, adding that she prefers over-the-counter goods and that her husband, Saif Ali Khan, has more toiletries than she does!

For her skin, the actress has always relied on homemade cures. Khan writes, “My dermatologist is my kitchen and my cook,” and swears by a simple papaya and dahi mask to chill and soothe her skin. Cucumber slices soothe her eyes, while chane ka atta and multani mitti have been her go-to kitchen treatments for her complexion. The actress further stated that her beauty routine did not devour her and that she just followed this ghar-ke-nushke once every 15 days!

Kareena, like her mother and grandmother, swears by almond oil for her skin. Her skin was softened with a mixture of two spoons of dahi and almond oil. Bebo has even admitted to using it on Taimur!

When it came to her hair, she only needed a simple champi once every 10-15 days. For her beautiful and shiny locks, a spoon of coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil heated combined with a spoon of methi seeds.

Bebo’s skin acted up during her second pregnancy, just like any other pregnant mother’s. She had it all, from acne to spots, as she reveals in her pregnancy Bible. And what was her solution? Old toothpaste is the best! The actress also said she was patient with her face throughout this time, understanding that hormonal fluctuations were to blame, and that her skin eventually cleared up on its own.

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