Kanye’s Ex Amber Rose Wasn’t Surprise after Kim and Kanye’s Split Up

Kanye’s Ex Amber Rose Wasn’t Surprise after Kim and Kanye’s Split Up

Reality star Kim K had filed for divorce from rapper Kanye West during February last year. While the reality star had filed for the divorce it came as a shock for the fans. While it seems like that Kaye’s ex Amber Rose had already knew that Kim and Kanye’s divorce would take place and they would end splitting up. Weather it might be a shock for the fans but West’s ex had already seen that the divorce of Kardashian and West would take place.

While during an interview for TMZ’s It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, Amber Rose who had dated Kanye West back in 2008, and before she had parted her ways from the rapper in 2010, she opened up about her thoughts and her thinking related to Kim and Kanye’s divorce and separation.

While speaking in the podcast Rose spoke about Kanye and Kim’s divorce and said  “I have my own — I don’t want to say ‘feelings’ for him, because that sounds like it’s a positive thing for Kanye — I have my own issues and feelings, how I feel about how our relationship was. Rose further went on quipped and said that she had always wanted the best for them and she never had any ill feelings about them, she further said like ‘I hope they get divorced’ or ‘he’s going to get his day.”

Rose Said Kim Looks Happy With in Her Current Relationship

Rose further went on saying, “When they finally got divorced, I was like ‘mmm.’ She talked about Kim’s current relationship with Pete Davidson and said, “She seems happy now though, with Pete [Davidson]”

When Rose was asked about that weather she saw that Kanye and Kim’s divorce would take place she went on replaying and said, “Of course.”

While on the other hand, Kim Kardashian had also claimed that if people knew what her marriage was like with Kanye West they would get into shock. Kim and Kanye, share four children together.  



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