Kanye Will Celebrate New Year In Belize, Also Becomes Neighbour Of Kim

Kanye West new year plans revealed. He seems to take a break amid trying hard to stay close to Kim Kardashian. He will be spending his celebration time with Shyne in Belize. Shyne is a former rapper who is now active in national politics.

Shyne added a photo to his Instagram on December 31, with Kanye. Likewise, revealed that the two have been discussing investments and real estate opportunities in Belize. Kanye took the trip to Belize on Dec. 30 with J Prince, who is friends with Shyne and made the connection. Also Read: Kim & Kanye At Abloh’s Memorial While Pete Davidson Smokes On The Red Carpet

Shyne added to it, “Kanye is the creative genius of geniuses and I’m beyond grateful that we were able to stand in the heavenly Belizean Ocean and talk about how he will use his genius to contribute to the development of Belize like never before”. Also he wrote, “I look forward to working with Kanye, J Prince and Steven Victor to transform Belize like never before”.


During a pre-Thanksgiving speech in Los Angeles. And just the other day, the rapper has posted one picture on Instagram that grabbed the netizens attention. Though Kim is making headlines with Pete Davidson.

Talking about his relationship with Kim Kardashian and the kids, the rapper believes that he will make things better and also won’t let any show maker decide his family relations. “I have to be next to my children as much as possible. So, when I’m out the house, I’ve got a house right next to the house. I’m doing everything to be right next to the situation,” he said. “I’m not letting E! write the narrative of my family. I’m not letting Hulu write the narrative of my family … I am the priest of my home”.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.

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