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Kanye West’s in a ‘Great Place’ Amid Vacation With Kim Kardashian and Kids

Rapper Kanye West is doing better after coming back home from a vacation with his wife and kids.

A source revealed that Kanye is in a great place right now. He is feeling creative and inspired and really enjoying his time with his family. The news comes as Kanye and his family touched down in Miami on Sunday. They went on a vacation to spend time in a luxurious resort called the Dominican Republic.

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Kanye announced that he will be standing in the presidential elections of 2020 as a candidate on July 4. He displayed concerning behavior on his first presidential rally where he broke down into tears while revealing personal information.

Kanye had revealed that he and Kim Kardashian were planning on aborting their first child, North, who is seven years old now. The couple share four kids including North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

The rapper went on a rant on Twitter saying Kim went over the line when she met Meek Mill. He claims Kim went to talk about prison reform and also blasted on mother-in-law Kris Jenner. Kanye called her ‘Kris-Jong-Un’ and accused them of white supremacy. The rapper also ranted about Kim and Kris trying to fly with two doctors to have him hospitalized. This comes after concerns about his health after his shocking yet chaotic presidential rally.

However, Kanye deleted his tweets almost half-an-hour later. He signed off as coming from the future President. Sources also claim that Kim and Kanye have been living apart and have been at each other’s throats. They are said to have ‘daily bust-ups’ amid lockdown.

Kim Defends Kanye While He Apologizes

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Kanye, later on, apologized saying he is sorry for going public on a private matter. The rapper said he did not cover for her as she did for him. He further tweeted this on Saturday referring to Kim. Kanye said he would like to say he knows he hurt her but asks for her forgiveness. He further thanks Kim for always being with him.

Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram before Kanye apologized, to respond after his chaotic rally and Twitter rant. She writes a heartfelt note addressing the media and their family and friends.

Kim said her family is powerless in this situation and defends Kanye’s words. She called her husband ‘brilliant but complicated’ and assured that his words sometimes do not align with his intentions.

The reality TV star acknowledged that Kanye will be criticized because he is a public figure. She said that because of that his actions can receive strong opinions from people.

Defending her husband, Kim said Kanye is brilliant but complicated who not only has the pressure of being an artist but also a black man. She also said that he had suffered the pain of losing his mother and had to deal with the pressure and isolation that came with his bipolar disorder as well.

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Kanye was spotted last week boarding a jet with his four-year-old, Saint. They were boarding the private jet from Cody, Wyoming. According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye planned vacation along with their four kids. It is reportedly, a bid to save their relationship before it gets beyond repair.

Sources Claimed Kim Said Goodbye to Kanye, Ending Their Marriage

The couple was spotted last time when Kim went to Wyoming to meet Kanye for the first time after his controversial statements. The mother-of-four was staying with her kids in Los Angeles. She had an emotional reunion with Kanye where it is alleged that she went to say goodbye ending their marriage.

The distance between the couple might be something concerning. Kanye also tweeted on his rant that his family should live next to him. He further added ‘It’s not up to E or NBC anymore.’ The rapper wanted his family close by. Keeping up With The Kardashians is an E! reality series in LA where Kim shoots for the show.

Sources previously claimed that Kanye was ignoring Kim although she did not want that. But since Kim visited him, the couple have been more in touch. A source revealed to People that after Kim went to Cody, the couple have been talking more. And she wants to do everything she can to save their marriage.

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According to the source, Kanye was the one who suggested they on a family vacation which Kim agreed to. She wants to try everything she can to save their marriage but it is all still very complicated. It is reported that Kim wants Kanye to get proper help and he does not want to do that. At this point, Kim is taking each day as it comes by.

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