Kanye West Slammed After He Returns To Twitter With Controversial Tweet

Kanye West Slammed After He Returns To Twitter With Controversial Tweet

The rapper, Kanye West has been called out online after his return to Twitter. His first tweet after returning read, “Shalom”. He gained traction instantly by tweeting the Hebrew word which means, “Peace” in English.

The word is used to greet a person while meeting them and also while saying goodbye. While this article is being written, it is still unsure what Ye meant by the tweet. However, it did not fail to get attention as many users criticized him. People began slamming him for trying to make amends for all the controversial things he has said.

Some people called him out describing this as his worst PR move, while others thought this only added to his anti-semitic thought. This is because the word is used by Jews. Users slammed Kanye and urged him to leave Twitter. They also called out Elon Musk for bringing his account back.

Kanye previously tweeted to check if his account was unblocked. He wrote, “Testing Testing Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked.” To which Elon responded by writing, “Don’t kill what ye hate, Save what ye love.”

The latest tweet by the rapper emerged after his last post on November 4. He announced that he was taking a “verbal fast”. Ye has faced backlash and the downfall of his career ever since he wore “White Lives Matter” T-shirt. He later engaged himself in a spree of anti-semitic posts on his Instagram.


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