Kanye West Sets Out His 2020 Election Platform

Kanye West has recently claimed that he no longer supports Donald Trump. He says he has entered the Presidential election to win.

In an interview on Wednesday, Kanye said that he is taking his red hat off with the interview. West was referring to Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps.

Kanye revealed that like everything else he is doing, he is doing this to win. He announced on Saturday that he will be running for President in the elections of 2020. West makes the announcement just four months before the election.

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In the interview with Forbes, he reveals he has broken ranks with the President. West revealed that he would run as a Republican and if Trump chooses to drop out, he will run independently. He further revealed that he will be running under a new party called ‘Birthday Party’. Explaining the idea behind the name, he said that when he wins it will be everybody’s birthday.

West further revealed that he will be taking guidance from Elon Musk. He will also appoint Michelle Tidball as the vice-presidential candidate. She is a preacher from Wyoming. West further said that he will be bidding power this November.

Kanye denies that he aims to divide the black votes and hurt the chances of Joe Biden, Trump’s opponent from winning. He said it will be a form of racism and white supremacy to suggest that all black people support the Democrats.

Kanye pointed out in the interview that he has never voted in his life. He also shared that he believes vaccines are the ‘mark of the beast.’ Kanye revealed that he had been ill with COVID 19 in February. He further said he will be suspicious of any vaccinations developed for the prevention of the same.

Repeating false theories that link vaccines with child developmental disorders, he said: ‘So when they say the way we’re going to fix COVID is with a vaccine, I’m extremely cautious.’

Kanye also revealed that he wants the White House Management model based on the secret country of Wakanda in the movie Black Panther. In the four-hour-long interview, he recalls the moment he decided to run for President. He reveals he was in the shower in his mother-in-law’s house when he was offered the MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards when he made the decision.

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Kanye said that it will be best when people think he is going to think that he is going to sing songs and do this for entertainment. And then he said how rigged award shows are but they will say he is the President.

In an interview at the Oval Office, Trump addressed Kanye running for President. He said it would make a great trial run for his bid to the White House in 2024. Trump said it is interesting and it will be limited because, in some states, he has already missed the deadlines.

In Kanye’s four-hour-long interview he addressed a bunch of things which was the highlight of the interview. He revealed that he was threatened as a black man to support Democrats which prevented him from voting. Kanye addressed the form of racism, white supremacy, white control that says all black people should become Democrats.

Talking about Trump, Kanye revealed why he supported him all this time. He revealed that Trump allowed God to be a part of the conversation. West further said that he wore a MAGA hat to protest the vote of segregation of votes in the black community. Kanye also revealed that his belief in God has led him to be pro-life.

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Discussing the virus, he said he was praying for the virus to be related to God. Kanye further said it was a way to stop humans from doing bad things which would make God mad. The rapper also admitted that he had not yet developed a foreign policy and he would concentrate on America first.

The rapper took to his social media handle on Saturday to announce he will be running for President this November. In his tweet, he talked about realizing the promise of America by trusting God. He further said to do that we would have to unify our vision and build our future. And then he announced he is running for Presidency.

Kanye would need to move as quickly as possible to avoid losing more votes of electoral colleges. Seven other states’ deadlines are lined up for this month. The states with deadlines this month include Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

Kanye could run in these states as a write-in candidate. However, rules for such candidacy differ in various states. In many states, this does not count and the tally is done as a part of the other category.

The late registration might prevent him from standing against Trump and presumed candidate, Joe Biden. After Kanye took to social media to announce his decision, his wife Kim Kardashian showed him support by retweeting his tweet with an American flag emoji. Billionaire Elon Musk also showed his support by taking to his social media. He tweeted saying Kanye has his full support.

Kanye’s tweet was met mostly with suspicion, one user referencing his shocking snub of Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs: ‘Imma let you finish but no.’

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Elon and Kanye have recently shown their friendship when Kanye posted a picture with him on social media. Elon Musk has previously claimed that he was the inspiration behind Kanye’s White House ambitions.

Kanye has a fluctuating relationship with Donald Trump. Back in 2015, Kanye showed his interest in running for President but said he will hold it off until 2024 after Trump won the election. Kanye has been spotted donning the ‘Make America Great Again’ cap several times including during an Oval Office meeting with Trump.

Kanye also has previously taken to Twitter to show his support to Trump by saying he would have voted for him had he voted in the presidential election in general. In 2016, Kanye met with the President and claimed he wanted to meet him to discuss multicultural issues. The issues included bullying, modernizing curriculums, supporting teachers, and violence in Chicago. He said a direct line of communication is necessary with the President if we want to make changes.

However, in 2017, Kanye deleted all his tweets about Trump. Sources claimed he did not like the new policies especially the travel ban.

Meanwhile, some people are accusing Kanye of announcing his move to run for President as a publicity stunt. They claim it can be for his new music Wash Us in the Blood’ and the recent announcement of an upcoming album ‘God’s Country.’

‘Is this a ploy to try and get trump re-elected,’ another follower penned, accusing him to try and divide the vote in Trump’s support.

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Kanye recently signed a 10-year deal with Gap to make his products more accessible at a reasonable rate. He has always been wanting to make clothing for the masses. Kanye has not shied away from being open about his desire as well. By signing the deal with Gap, it seems like he is fulfilling his desires.

Kanye signed the 10-year deal with Gap to produce a new fashion line called ‘Yeezy Gap’. It will be introduced in the stores from 2021. The new fashion line will sell for typical Gap prices. It will be priced less than $100 per item. This would mean that it will be widely accessible to everybody. It will also be reasonable than the actual Yeezy clothing line.

Although after missing out a few ballots in a handful of states, Kanye has to register with the Federal Election Commission to make his candidacy official. It looks like he has not done that yet, although it does not have a deadline.

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