Kanye West presents the lifetime achievement award to his “favorite artist” at BET Awards 2022

Sean Diddy Combs bags BET’s, 2022 lifetime achievement award for his incredible works and for making his mark as one of the legendary singers of the era.

This award was felicitated by another well-known singer, it is none other than Kanye “Ye” West along with Babyface. Kanye took this wonderful opportunity to express his thoughts about the very person he looked up to as an ideal singer-Diddy, before becoming one of the most popular singers that he is now. He shared his history with Diddy during his initial days of being a singer and how they even managed to crack some jokes with each other!

Talking of his favorite icons in the music industry YE started off his speech by praising his icon “How do we crown our kings? How do we appreciate our kings? To think how far we could just make it off of inspiration. This is my favorite artist. You see what I’m saying? Favorite artist. Everything. Not specifically production, the drip. You know back then it was so many rules to hip hop. He broke all of them. Broke down all the doors.”

Then he shared about his initial days of singing and how Diddy influenced him to be a part of the music world and he also helped him with his “wife choice”. Yes, you heard that right! It doesn’t come as a surprise that both the artist married a woman named Kim.

Upon receiving his award, Diddy addressed the crowd and thanked his mother, sharing his thoughts about the same by saying- “Every artist, every producer, every writer, and every executive I had a chance to work Thank you to all of my fans who have been with me for over 25 years. I love y’all. I love y’all.”

He ended his speech by announcing that he is donating $1 million to Harvard University and another $1 million to Jackson State University. 

Acknowledging the lifetime award given to Diddy, the host Taraji P. Henson said in a conversation with ET that she was looking forward to marking Diddy’s lifetime achievement award as an opportunity to talk about his impact on the Black culture.

“Diddy means so much to the culture — I mean, you can’t talk about hip-hop, you can’t talk about fashion, you can’t even talk about alcohol without his name coming up. He’s an iconic, legendary star in so many careers and he should be celebrated. We should give him his flowers while he’s still alive to receive them. It’s about time.”

The awards not only highlight the important role these artists have portrayed over all these years but shed light on how they have been significant leaders in taking the initiative to shape the cultural world to bring a change to society and set an example of excellence.

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