Kanye Memefest Prompted By Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Break Up

Kanye Meme fest Prompted By Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Break Up

We already reported that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have broken up after nine months together. However, social media is having a ton of fun with the news. They are making the same jokes but this time it’s about Kanye running to Kim’s side before she could even say his name.

Both Kim and Pete have decided to stay friends and called it quits. Their busy schedules made it hard for them to spend time together. Pete has been in Australia majorly as he films “Wizards!” and Kim has been in Los Angeles.

However, this does not mean Kim and Kanye will be getting back together. An insider shared that the divorce will be moving along. The previously married couple are finally co-parenting happily.

But, we know social media has its fun and it did not shy away when news of Pete and Kim’s breakup surfaced. A user tweeted that Kanye will be outside Kim’s house after Pete left her. The user also shared a clip insinuating that it would be Kanye.

Many other users also chimed into the joke about Kanye being outside Kim’s house immediately. Some also claimed he might be out there pretending he won the Super Bowl. Earlier this year, Kanye had gotten banned from Instagram after pleading with Kim to come back to him and also not so subtlety threatening Pete.

A user also brought in Stranger Things, as they said that Pete will be crying like Will from Stranger Things over his love for “Mike”. Another user shared that the comedian might be regretting the tattoo he had paid homage to Kim’s four kids.

A user even wondered if the relationship was a sociological study of 24 months. The couple began seeing each other after Kim hosted Saturday Night Live. Here are some memes from Twitter:

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