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Kangana Ranaut shares her frustration with the Covid-19 vaccine’s wastage: ‘Have guilt,’

On Saturday, Kangana Ranaut expressed her disappointment with the waste of Covid-19 vaccines. The above-18 vaccination drive was expected to begin on May 1. However, due to a vaccine shortage in a few states, the campaign has been postponed.

Kangana on Twitter

Kangana said on Twitter that when the country was hit by the first wave of Covid-19, people came together and followed the rules set out by the government. After vaccinations showed promising results, the actor said that people were overconfident.

“The truth is easy,” she began her series of tweets, “when the first wave came, the entire nation became one everyone followed instructions because they were scared whatever Modi ji said was followed to excellence first wave settled without much harm, vaccinations showed good results, and then came the overconfidence.”

“If Modi said take vaccine, they defied him, saying why us, why not you first; if he takes, why Modi picture, why not my picture; if he says wear mask, why mask news study says no mask; if he says lockdown, what would I eat; if he says no lockdown, he should resign,” she added.

Noting the waste of vaccinations, Kangana wondered if those over the age of 45 are running now, when would those between the ages of 18 and 45 have their turn.

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