K-Dramas That Unexpectedly Became Blockbusters After Starting Slow

K-Dramas That Unexpectedly Became Blockbusters After Starting Slow

A Business Proposal

Because A Business Proposal lacks a cult star cast, the debut episode only received a rating of more than 4%, which is typical when compared to other public station shows. However, due to its intriguing content and the fact that it is also a collaborative effort with Netflix, the situation quickly shifted and the series’ ratings continued to rise.

Halfway through the broadcast, the rating has officially hit the 2-digit mark, with an episode 6 rating of 10.1 percent. A Business Proposal is a very popular term on SNS, getting the greatest attention from the audience in all of the works that are now running.


‘Penthouse’ attracted a very high-quality cast, but neither Lee Ji Ah nor Eugene were initially the names that captured the audience’s attention. When it was televised, however, the play created a frenzy throughout Asia by over-dramatizing the narrative. Many performers have gained recognition as a consequence of their effort, and the youthful cast has the opportunity to improve their life as well.

Squid Game

‘Squid Game,’ of course, was supposed to be a success as a Netflix original series, but the public was originally disinterested in the project owing to the cast’s lack of commercial celebrity. With the exception of the two male stars, the remaining identities are unknown to moviegoers.

The survival genre is also not one of the Korean filmmakers’ strong suits, so the public is more concerned about the quality of ‘Squid Game.’ But, in the end, this work sparked a global frenzy, taking Korean filmmakers beyond Asia’s boundaries and becoming an unparalleled phenomenon in the country’s history.

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