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Justin Bieber Lashes Out At Media Outlets For Purposely Using Bad Pictures Of Him

American singer and songwriter Justin Bieber is evidently annoyed and the cause behind this annoyance is the ‘media’.

Justin Bieber recently took to his Instagram stories to share a news story that an entertainment tabloid posted about the singer. But more than the story, Justin was concerned about the pictures that the media outlet chose of him.

The news story in question was from Variety reporting about $3.5 Million donation by Justin and Ariana Grande’s ‘Stuck With U’ campaign.

‘I’m Still In Shock’

Justin Bieber wrote on his story: “I’m still in shock we are still using those photos of me, I’m telling you media wants to pick bad photos of me to make it look like I’m not okay”.

He added “There have been countless photoshoots and oppetunities for media to pick up other photos but they still run with this one to make me look sick and unwell, this is not okay”.

Do you think that media outlets ‘purposely’ use bad pictures of Justin? Tell us your thoughts in then comments.

Fun Fact: A google search for ‘Justin Bieber’ brings up his ‘bad photos’ in google images more than the normal ones these days. Give it a try.

Justin’s Recent High-Profile Party

Talking about what Justin has heen up to recently, the 27 year old musician organized a high-profile party for his art gallery auction.

During the party, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin exhibited solid couples goals as they decided to twin in black attires. Justin and Hailey’s stylists, Karla Welch and Maeve Reilly, respectively, have always been good about keeping the couple’s outfits coordinated.

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