Jungkook's Fans Heartbroken As He Changes His Instagram Username

Jungkook’s Fans Heartbroken As He Changes His Instagram Username

The most surprising aspect of BTS members opening up their own accounts is every member’s different username. Their fans were especially surprised with their Golden Maknae’s using his unrivaled inventiveness.

Jungkook, however, seems to have a lot of fans’ hearts by altering his original Instagram username to jungkook.97. The singer’s name and year of birth are separated by a period.

Each BTS member has their own Instagram username that reflected their personal style. Leader Namjoon (RM), for example, kept his typical ‘art-lover’ attitude with the handle rkive (wordplay with R of RM and ‘archive’). Jin, on the other side, demonstrated that his stage name – jin – was sufficient, but Suga employed his rap name – agustd.

On the other hand, J-Hope demonstrated his love for BTS ARMYs with his fan-favorite username- uarmyhope. This refers to his introduction – “I am your hope, You are my hope, I am J-Hope”. While Jimin kept it simple, just like his personality- j.m. V utilized all of the initials of his first name, Tae-hyung, and his stage name V – thv.

Jungkook’s fans are feeling deceived as the singer’s original username reflected his personality perfectly. It was appreciated by millions of fans worldwide who also began using the same tactics for their Instagram handle. Jungkook’s original username contained all letters of the English alphabet except his initials Jeon Jungkook or JK. It was @abcdefghi__lmnooqrstuvw.

Millions of Instagram accounts were established using the same technique as BTS fans followed in the footsteps of the ‘Still With You’ vocalist. Fans are dismayed that Jungkook has abruptly changed his account since they were accustomed to him sending updates under his distinctive identity. Some fans also stated that they mistook it for a bot account due to its lack of inventiveness, which caused them to unfollow the official account.

One fan said, “WTF????? JUNGKOOK CHANGE THE USN OF HIS INSTAGRAM??? HEARTBREAK.” Another said, “JUNGKOOK on Instagram because now it’s not #abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz ,,,, that username of #jk was perfect!!!” One user added, “Tiktok is filled with videos about Jungkook’s new IG name…we’re all dealing with the heartbreak.” One fan asked, “Does jungkook know the heartbreak he has caused?” Another said, “Jungkook changing his user was worse than a heartbreak.”

One fan hoped that Jungkook’s old username rests in peace saying, “You’ll be missed! RIP!” Another said, “It’s ok that you change your username but you are still our #abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz.” One fan joked, “Please sksksksksk our jungkook ‘s id is hacked welp.”

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