Jungkook shows off his beautiful voice in his rendition of Lauv’s ‘Never Not‘

Jungkook shows off his beautiful voice in his rendition of Lauv’s ‘Never Not‘. The BTS member Jungkook shared the video on their official social media handle.

Fans are loving this unexpected gift, and are excited to see more of Jungkook on social media.

BTS has been actively participating in live streams, and interacting via their app Weverse and also on Twitter. The band is ensuring that they stay connected with their fans amid these trying times.


With concerts being rescheduled, they are immersed in the making of the next album!

Lauv is friends with the members of BTS. He attended their Wembley concert last year. Lauv and BTS went onto collab on the remix version of ‘Make It Right’ from ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’.

Jungkook and Jimin also featured on Lauv’s heartbreaking track ‘Who’ in his debut album ‘how i’m feeling’ that released on March 6, 2020.

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