Jungkook of BTS Explains Why He Appeared To Be Crying During Live Session With Fans

BTS’s Jungkook left fans concerned during his surprise 4-part Weverse live stream on March 14th when he appeared to be tearing up towards the end of the third live stream. However, he quickly clarified that he was not crying but was reading the comments from his fans. He also revealed that due to his rhinitis, he gets a runny nose when he drinks alcohol, which is why he appeared to be crying.

During the live stream, Jungkook spent two and a half hours hanging out with fans, playing songs, singing a few on request, and having random conversations with ARMYs. He even joked about doing guided meditation narration to help his viewers fall asleep. Towards the end of the third live stream, he sat quietly and looked at the screen, presumably reading the comments from his fans, when some noticed that he appeared to be tearing up.

Fans started posting comments to console him, but he quickly clarified that he was not crying. He then ended the third live stream when he noticed the time was already 11:30 PM KST. However, he came back a minute later and stayed for only five minutes, saying that he had to return to say goodbye properly to his fans.

Before he left, Jungkook requested fans to spam the comments with “Apobangpo,” a fandom slogan that means “ARMY forever, Bangtan forever.” He also asked fans to look forward to the big announcement at midnight KST, which turned out to be the teaser of Jimin’s upcoming song “Set Me Free.”

At first, ARMYs expressed worry as they thought Jungkook was shedding tears, but it turned out that his rhinitis and dim lighting were the cause. Once he clarified this, their concerns were alleviated. Nevertheless, certain discussions continued to surface online, and some viewers attempted to interpret Jungkook’s actions without concrete evidence. ARMYs advised their fellow fans to avoid overanalyzing the situation and to believe what the BTS member had stated.


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