Jung Ji-Eun Coerced To Serving Crown Prince Lee Hwi; On The Verge Of Finding Truth: The King’s Affection Episode 4

In episode 4 of The King’s Affection, Dami (Park Eun-bin) continued to live in the palace as crown prince Lee Hwi. Because he was mistaken for her, her twin brother died.

She had followed her mother’s commands since then and kept quiet about the fact; that she was the girl who was intended to be slain; since she was born as a twin in the royal family. The young boy — Ji-Eun (Ro Woon) — she had encountered as a court maid in the palace– is the one person she wishes she could speak to as Dami. He was the son of the man who had murdered the genuine prince, she discovered.

Dami was absorbed with understanding the royal ways and palace politics when Ji-Eun left for Ming. So when she ran into Ji-Eun after all these years, he caught her at an inopportune time. Her hair was messed up, and her clothes had been ruined. In episode 4 of The King’s Affection, she appeared to be her true self, a woman, and this put Ji-Eun in danger.

He was put in even more danger when he became the crown prince’s teacher. Ji-Eun was referred to by the former Queen’s father, whom the crown prince’s father despised. To avert a royal scandal, the Left Councilor came up with the notion of killing the twin. As a result, he was the one who put the crown prince to death. After spotting Dami in the palace, his lieutenant and Ji-Eun’s father executed the prince.

Ji-Eun Persuaded Dami to Place A Bet

For unavoidable reasons, the twins switched their clothing, which resulted in a disaster. Dami is under strain now that Ji-Eun has returned to her life in The King’s Affection, episode 4. He’d damage her if he went too close to the reality, recognising the girl he’d fallen for. Dami will have no choice but to murder him.

To avoid this, in The King’s Affection, episode 4, Dami attempted to exploit Ji-Eun’s negative reputation as a justification for dismissing him as her instructor. Ji-Eun, on the other hand, persuaded her to place a wager. Because his father was blackmailing him in The King’s Affection, episode 4, Ji-Eun had to stay at the palace as a royal instructor.

His father had two of Ji-Eun’s closest associates jailed and informed his son that the only way they’d be safe was if he worked with the crown prince and helped him make a good impression when a Ming envoy arrived. That is why Ji-Eun put in so much effort in episode 4 of The King’s Affection.

Dami was surprised when she tried to torment Ji-Eun in The King’s Affection, episode 4, in the hopes of persuading him to resign. He instead made a wager with her. He promised her that if she did well on her upcoming exam, he would resign.

He was willing to give up his life if she won the bet. She was supposed to take his lectures seriously if he won. In The King’s Affection, episode 4, she loses the bet, but Ji-Eun makes an enemy of the man who hired him in the palace in the first place. Only time will tell if he will be safe in the K-drama.


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