Julio Cesar Chavez Calls Jake Paul ‘Garbage’ And Promises To Knock Him Out

Jake Paul has been making waves in the world of influencer boxing. He was also nmed as the Breakout Boxing Star of 2021 and continues to do what he is best at ie, creating buzz around the fight business.

Jake Paul fought Tyron Woodley in December and knocked him out in the sixth round of the fight. However, the Tyron Woodley bout was arranged at the last moment because the original opponent of Jake, Tommy Fury dropped out of the fight two weeks before the main event citing medical concerns.

Jake Paul’s Next Opponent

Jake Paul has made it clear that he would not fight Tommy Fury again because ‘he doesn’t deserve it’. In a recent interview, Jake Paul addressed the question about what 2022 holds in store for his boxing career.

He also hinted that a fight against the Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez excites him. This is what Jake Paul said:

“Julio Cesar Chavez, I like that fight a lot because it silences the critics,” he recently told The Volume Sports’ Boxing with Chris Mannix show. “You know, he was a former world champion and I know I can beat him. That challenge excites me and I’m down.”

‘I Will Beat Jake Paul’s A**’

And now the Mexican boxer has issued a response to Jake Paul. He called the boxing skills of Jake Paul as ‘garbage’ and said that he would knock him out in case they square off in the ring.

“I assure you I will beat Jake Paul’s a*s,” the former Middleweight champion said on a recent Instagram live. “I want it as winner takes all when I fight Jake Paul. Winner takes all the money.”

 “I am going to knock him out” said Julio Cesar [of course, if he gets the chance to do so].

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