Julie Bowen Comments Over Her Dating Rules With Harry Styles

The 51 years old Hollywood actress, Julie Bowen is making headlines for dating Harry Styles. The Modern Family actress opened up about her relationship status to co-star Adam DeVine in a recent interview. She says she is ‘very single’ while he was guest-hosting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Although, her dog Gertrude was supposedly her “retirement gift” from “dating”. She mentioned about datings and gifts. “I did go on some dates, and this guy was always like, ‘You have to come to my house ’cause I had a dog,’” she explained. “And I was like, ‘I’m getting a dog. That’s the trick, man’. Now, it’s on my terms. I’m like, ‘You can come. I have a dog. You gotta leave.’ The dog is my gatekeeper”.

Julie Bowen former co-star, Adam challenged her stance against dating by bringing up that he knew she had ‘a little bit of a crush’. Likewise, the actress very smartly dismissed the response. She instead said, “You’re asking me if I’d come out of retirement for Harry Styles? Oh, hell yeah. Him? Look at him!”.

Despite the age difference of 24 years, the actress isn’t afraid once to accept the whole thirst on the former one direction band. “He’s got that same energy that Twitch does where they’re so gorgeous and sexy, but there’s so much joy that you don’t feel dirty about what’s happening in your pants,” she said of the singer.

Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Getting Married? 

As the two get closer to one other’s families, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are said to be getting serious. Styles, 27, has never been as serious about anyone as he is about his 37-year-old lover, according to a source who spoke to The Sun.

“This looked like quite a showbizzy thing at first, two glamorous people hooking up but now it’s obviously a lot more than that. They held back a bit at first but now that things are more settled the time was right to do the next thing. It’s really exciting for them – and for Harry it’s the most serious he has ever really been about somebody“.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.

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