Jonathan Majors Reveals The Young Avengers He Would Like To Share Screen With

Phase 4 of MCU has introduced many young Avengers, who will take on the legacy of the old ones. Other than the heroes, Marvel also introduced some new villains to us in the current phase. Marvel has already announced the Multiverse Saga’s new baddie. Kang The Conqueror will be the new villain of the new saga.

Kang The Conqueror is played by Jonathan Majors who was first introduced in Loki Season One as He Who Remains. A good version of him was shown in the show but Sylvie killed him. The bad version of him is teased to appear in the upcoming sequel of Antman & The Wasp: Quantumania.

In front of such a powerful villain, an army of great superheroes will be needed. Marvel is already setting up stories of its new young avengers in the MCU. In this phase, it introduced characters like Yelena Belova, Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and many more. Recently in an interview, Jonathan Majors shared his excitement to work with all new and existing actors.

Jonathan Majors Talks About Working With Marvel Actors

In a recent interview with Somos Geeks, Jonathan Majors was asked about whom he would like to share the screen with. He replies that he would like to work with the new class of Avengers. He also named some let’s have a look at what he said below.

He adds, “Yeah, I think this new class of Avengers is quite impressive, you know? Letitia Wright, Florence Pugh, I mean, just to name a few. I mean, these actresses are the avant-garde of their generation, in the MCU and outside of it.”

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