Jonathan Majors On How Kang The Conqueror Will Be Different From Former Baddie Thanos

In its ten years of making films, right from phase one to phase 4 Marvel had a lot of villains who played an important role in every character’s storyline. But Thanos topped all of them, as the villain was on a mission to wipe out half the population of the universe.

He becomes successful in doing that, by the end of Avengers: Infinity War, by which half of the heroes too were turned to dust along with the population. But by Antman’s wise idea of Time Heist, the earth’s mightiest heroes were able to bring back the people from the blip.

During the process of defeating Thanos, many avengers sacrificed themselves in order to save the whole universe. Fans had to say goodbyes forever to several characters in the film like Loki, Vision, Natasha & Tony Stark. The Thanos’ blip still has a left mark on the MCU, which shows how powerful of a villain he was.

Now after the Infinity Saga, the Multiverse Saga is approaching! Kang The Conqueror is announced to be the next new baddie of the MCU. Jonathan Majors plays this character and was first introduced in Loki Season 1 as He Who Remains. He’ll be returning back as Kang in Antman & The Wasp: Quantumania whose trailer is already released.

Jonathan Majors On Kang The Conqueror Character

In a recent interview on Canadian Television Channel Cinepop, Jonathan Majors spoke about his character Kang The Conqueror and how he will be a unique baddie from Thanos. He thinks that Thanos was an “incredible big bad”, and everybody called him that because he did a great job also Josh Brolin who played Thanos’ role did a great job. But Jonathan doesn’t want to make Thanos & Kang comparisons. Let’s have a look at what he said.

it’s a whole different world. I will say that’s a whole different world. My assignment is different. And the character of Kang is different. So it will be different. And as far as the fear, and intimidation factor, and the powerful factor… we’ll let the movie show.”

Jonathan Majors

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