Jon Favreau Opposed The Idea Of Iron Man’s Sacrifice In Avengers Endgame

“And I AM IRON MAN”, this sentence in 2019, shattered all the Marvel fans out there. It’s been 3 years since Avengers Endgame was released and many characters’ stories ended in that particular movie which was kind of sad.

One of the popular character of the MCU Tony Stark’s journey too ended with Avengers Endgame. Many people were heartbroken when they learned that Iron Man will not return in any other films. Marvel cinematic universe started with the Iron Man movie in the year 2008, which got lots of love from people also Robert Downey Jr nailed the character of Tony Stark and soon the character became a fan favorite.

Iron Man 2008 was directed by Jon Favreau and he was totally against the idea of killing Iron Man in Endgame as it would devastate the audience. In an interview with Vanity fair, the Russo Brothers who helmed the finale movie of Infinity Saga recall the times when they were working on the final scene of Iron man.

Russo Brothers say, ” It’s probably the most pressure we’ve ever had in trying to come up with a line with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely on any of these movies.”

Joe continued, ” You do not want to f**k up Tony Stark’s last line.” Anthony said a part of the pressure came from Iron Man director Jon Favreau who read the script and called the Russo brothers saying ” Are you guys really going to kill Iron Man?”

Joe added, ” I remember pacing on the corner of a stage on the phone with Jon Favreau, trying to talk him off a ledge. Because he’s like, ‘You can’t do this. It’s gonna devastate people, and you don’t want them, you know, walking out of the theater and into traffic. We did it anyways.”

Further, Anthony said, ” To Jon’s credit he hadn’t stepped through the process in the way we had”. They said that their reaction would also be exact if they weren’t the directors of the Avengers film.

Iron Man saved the universe by snapping his fingers and sacrificing his life. His death in MCU was quite emotional for everyone. Further in the conversation, Joe Russo continued, ” We felt that we had earned the arc that would feel redemptive and emotional and uplifting and hopeful, even though Stark had sacrificed his life.”

Part Of The Journey Is The End

Robert Downey Jr responded on why he and Chris Evans who plays Captain America quit the MCU after Avengers: Endgame.

He said, ” We had to get off. We opted to and knew it was part of the job to get off the bus while it rolled on to other destinations. There’s something very sobering about it. I’m glad he and I will be there to welcome others as they retire their jerseys.”

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