Jon Bass To Play A Wanna-be Tony Stark In Marvel’s She-Hulk Series

Who doesn’t want to be like Tony Stark? A man who had a big brain, money, technology, armored suit, and whatnot. But at the end of his journey the most important thing he was, was a good man who sacrificed himself for the universe.

Many characters in the MCU are inspired by Tony Stark. And if someone comes up and pretends to be Tony it won’t come as a surprise as we all know Iron Man had a major influence in the MCU. Bruce Banner a.k.a Hulk and Tony Stark were good friends and shared a common interest in science & technology.

Bruce Banner is back after the events of Endgame in the series She-Hulk. We got to know some interesting information about Tony Stark wannabe to be seen in the show. Let’s find out who is he.

As we see in trailers & teasers of She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters is on dating apps to find a perfect match for herself. She has a dating match whose name is Todd and Jennifer had one of the worst dating experiences with him in the series. Todd is played by Jon Bass, he copies Tony Stark. But he is considered a “total creep”.

Jon explained that Todd considers himself a billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist, who wants to feel like Stark and to get whatever he wishes. But he further adds that he is a total creep who pops up everywhere.

The co-producer of the show Wendy Jacobson spoke about adding this funny wanna-be character to the series. She says that Jon is funny and is also good at playing this kind of terrible person which is fun to watch.

She further adds, ” the character of Todd plays on the social commentary of misogyny and incel culture and the unfair views of women. He’s annoying but mostly harmless and it’s really about embodying these awkward interactions you have with someone when they keep showing up in your life over and over again.”

She-Hulk Officially On Tinder

Marvel and Disney added one more cool strategy to promote the show on Tinder. Yes, you heard that right, now one can right swipe to match with She-Hulk.

They have created a real profile of She-Hulk on Tinder for promotional purposes. It has her red carpet one display picture and also an about me section.

When a person swipes right, it matches the user and then you get an automated sponsored message from She-Hulk. It reads, ” I knew we’d match! There’s plenty to love in She-Hulk Attorney at law. Lawyers, Hulks, Cameos, dating, happy hours, yoga, magic, fashion…the list goes on.”

Further, it adds, ” Now stop reading this, message your match below, and set up a date to watch She-Hulk Attorney at Law, August 18th on Disney+.”

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