Joker Reveals The Secret Origin Of Bane’s Daughter

The Clown Prince of Crime helps unveil the actual origin of Bane’s daughter Vengeance in the latest issue of DC Comics’ Joker.

While Vengeance has been on the lookout for Joker on behalf of the Santa Priscan government, she has discovered the truth about who and what she really is; she has told Jim Gordon about it. Furthermore, in light of this new information, she makes a serious request of Gordon; one that the former police commissioner is unsure how to handle towards the end of the issue.

Jim Gordon has found himself in Paris, working with Interpol in his search for the Joker, the most wanted criminal in the world following the devastation of the Joker War, in The Joker #8 by writer James Tynion IV and artist Guillem March.

Vengeance, on the other hand, arrived quickly and seized Jim Gordon, putting him on board a boat. Bane’s daughter was unexpectedly upfront and honest when Gordon asked her what she wanted and whose “vengeance” she was; revealing the secret origin she only recently found for herself thanks to the Joker who left a secret file for her to find.

According to the contents of the file and hidden laboratory discovered by Vengeance; Bane’s daughter discovers that she is a clone of Bane himself; the second try in a Santa Priscan government experiment. Their first attempt to implant hatred into a prime subject failed miserably, as Bane absorbed his hatred for Batman to the point that he had no idea it had been implanted.

Joker Hopes Vengeance Will Stop Chasing Him After Secret Origin Revelation

Vengeance, on the other hand, was born addicted to the Venom compound and was implanted with a hatred for the Joker; while yet being simpler to control than her predecessor. Joker seemed to have hoped that if Vengeance learned the truth about where her fabricated hatred for him came from; she would cease hunting him like so many others.

Surprisingly, this suggests that the Clown Prince regards her as a legitimate threat, which he may well be afraid of; but his scheme ultimately fails. Instead, Vengeance acknowledges that Jim Gordon has been traveling the world in an attempt to capture (and potentially kill) the Joker. She notices his real anger and desire to put an end to one of Gotham’s most heinous criminals.

As a result, Vengeance wishes to become Gordon’s Vengeance; learning why he despises the Joker in order for it to act as a true anchor for her; allowing her to murder the Joker for Gordon himself; rather than the generals who created her and have been using her as a simple weapon.

Overall, Vengeance’s true backstory is very intense; especially considering she’s essentially a darker version of Marvel’s Winter Soldier when he was still being indoctrinated by Hydra. She no longer wants to serve Santa Prisca; despite the fact that she knows she won’t be able to rest or be at peace until the Joker is dead.

Gordon appears to be her only hope as a result. However, the future situations will be interesting to observe how Gordon responds. Will he use Bane’s daughter as a means to maybe kill the Joker and put a stop to his evil? Will he ultimately come to the realization that killing the Joker is the kind of justice he truly desires? As the series progresses, fans will have to wait and see.


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