Jojo Siwa's Snapchat Pregnancy Bait Stories Receive Backlash

Jojo Siwa’s Snapchat Pregnancy Bait Stories Receive Backlash

JoJo Siwa, a renowned YouTuber and influencer, recently sparked a commotion on social media by hinting to her followers that she could be pregnant. Siwa showed off her big tummy beside a package of diapers in a Snapchat clip, writing, “Can’t wait,” with a blue heart and baby emoji. She also shared a photo of herself next to a pile of baby clothing with the caption “BABY CLOTHES HAUL!!!!!.”

While some fans were unsure if Siwa was pregnant or not, it was later revealed that she was collecting baby things to donate to moms in need. Several Twitter users corroborated this, with one writing, “Say what you want about JoJo Siwa; but her buying brand new baby clothes to send to expecting mothers and newborn babies’ families is so pure.”

Many followers, however, were dissatisfied with Siwa’s clickbait articles, accusing her of manipulating people for clicks and income. “Jojo Siwa, you are a strange human,” one Twitter user wrote; while another said, “Click baiting that you’re pregnant to give away baby clothes. I feel as though you manipulating people for clicks and revenue will not be evened out by the 30 people you help. How about some honesty, tell people you’re trying to help.”

This is not the first time Siwa has been the target of internet pregnancy rumors. Several rumors arose over social media platforms in June 2022 that Siwa was pregnant; to which she reacted with a TikTok video saying, “Apparently I’m pregnant. God, I love TikTok.”

While JoJo Siwa’s intentions were noble in collecting baby things to donate to women in need; her clickbait postings about being pregnant were met with disdain by many fans.


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