Johnny Depp's Nurse Provides Gruesome Testimony

Johnny Depp’s Nurse Provides Gruesome Testimony

Debbi Lloyd, Johnny Depp’s nurse testified on April 18 about searching the actor’s residence in Australia for the tip of his severed finger. He allegedly severed it during a fight with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

The mention of his severed finger was first reported during his UK trial against The Sun in 2020. His house manager had talked about how he found the fingertip. Depp lost the battle against The Sun who referred to him as a “wife-beater”.

Now, the actor is fighting for $50 million in damages from Heard. This defamation case comes after she penned an article in Washington Post in 2018. She claimed she was a victim of sexual violence. However, Depp wasn’t named in the article, but he argued, that it damaged his reputation and jeopardized his career.

Jurors in the continuing defamation trial heard pre-recorded testimony from Depp’s former private nurse, Debbie Lloyd, who flew to Australia with him and Heard in March 2015.

Lloyd, who was part of the team that helped treat the actor’s opioid addiction, said that when she visited the actor’s home when he was filming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ she saw a smashed-up TV set and writing on the walls. Depp’s hands, she claimed, were caked in paint and filth.

The nurse claimed that she was looking for his finger downstairs and the house was a mess. Her video deposition further revealed that the house manager was able to locate the fingertip and bring it to the hospital.

The nurse also remembers hearing “different stories from people” about what had actually happened. She claimed she heard Amber had tossed a bottle of vodka at him and that he might have slammed it with a phone.

Heard has categorically denied hurling a vodka bottle at Depp, and the events of that night are still being disputed between them. The testimony of Depp’s former private doctor David Kipper earlier on Monday muddled the situation even further.

The doctor stated in his video deposition on February 22 that he went to the residence soon after the event and saw shattered glass and blood on the floor. He didn’t see any blood on the glass, though.

David hadn’t put a broken bottle in his notes but he testified that Depp told doctors at the ER that he cut his finger. Depp had texted the doctor that he had cut the top of his middle finger and asked him what to do. The actor added, “Except, of course, go to a hospital…. I’m so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her… F**K THE WORLD!!! JD.”

Depp further texted the doctor around a week after his emergency visit. He wrote, “Thank you for everything. I have chopped off my left middle finger as a reminder that I should never cut my finger off again!! I love you, brother. Johnny.”

Lloyd, Depp’s nurse, also testified that she once discovered the “Donnie Brasco” star with bloody knuckles on his right hand after he reportedly punched a whiteboard during a fight with Heard. Having said that, Lloyd and Kipper both stated that they never observed the abuse between the two.

Lloyd and Depp had a close relationship which was established in the court. He had once texted the nurse to give him “some f**kin’ knockout yum yum” because Heard had a freakout. Other messages exchanged between them include Depp saying “even attempting to say thank you would be like a monkey trying to fuck a football…it’s just simply impossible.”

The nurse was emotional as a lawyer read out the messages exchanged between the two of them. Yet other texts included the nurse telling Depp she loves him and wants him to be safe and smart. She referred to Depp as “my son” and claimed to care about him deeply.

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