Johnny Depp’s Face Used for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Light Show Following Trial

Johnny Depp’s Face Used for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Light Show Following Trial

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp’s face was recently used during Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean show which was held in Paris. The actor recently won the defamation trial against his former wife Amber Heard. Since then Depp has been touring in the UK and is also performing alongside Jeff Beck. Apart from all this the actor himself is gearing up for the release of his new album in the next month.

While in the meantime Disney showcased and used the actor’s face for a light show. The light show of, “The Pirates of the Caribbean” had recently featured Depp’s face for the very first time in the four years after the trial verdict.

There are speculations as Depp Might Return as Captain Jack Sparrow

While there have been several reports and speculations regarding the fact that the actor’s return as the Captain Jack Sparrow in the famous franchise. While on the other hand, the actor had made it clear during the time of his court testimony that he is not going to return to once again play the fan-favorite character.

Moreover, the lawyer asked that he would turn down an offer of USD 300 million for it, and the actor replied with a yes. Meanwhile, it was seen that Disney had reportedly distanced themselves from the star, just after four days after the article related to Amber Heard was published back in 2018.

While during the recent trial held in Virginia, Amber was founded liable for defaming the actor in the same article in which she had referred to herself as the domestic violence survivor.

Talking, about the recent light show Johnny Depp’s face was projected as Jack Sparrow onto the castle at Disneyland Paris and after that several fan cheers took place and were heard amid the same in the videos posted by fans on social media platforms. Whereas, several netizens had also called out Disney for this move as they went on to slam the studios for supporting Depp now following his trial win and moreover also called for an apology from them too.

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