Johnny Depp’s Assistant Revealed the Moment He Divorced Amber News

Johnny Depp’s Assistant Revealed the Moment He Divorced Amber

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Time icon July 16, 2020

Johnny Depp’s assistant has revealed that he wanted to DNA test the faeces to determine its origin. He said Amber left a ‘whooper poo’ on his bed before telling her he wanted a divorce.

Depp asked for a divorce during a conference call with his assistant, as revealed in the court yesterday. Depp’s assistant Kevin Murphy revealed that Heard had dismissed it as a harmless prank. It took place after her 30th birthday party in April.

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Later on May 22, Murphy was asked by Depp to repeat what he had said that day while he and Amber were on speakerphone. Murphy revealed yesterday in court that he repeated whatever he had said before to Heard. He told her that the housekeeper had found faeces on Depp’s bed.

Murphy also repeated what Heard had told him about it being a ‘harmless prank’. He said that Heard screamed at him and called him a ‘f*****g liar’ several times. Murphy asked her to stop yelling and swearing at him. He said he overheard Depp telling her to not speak to him that way and to show him some respect.

Murphy further said that he heard Depp tell Amber that he couldn’t do this anymore and he wanted a divorce. He said Heard could not stop yelling so he cut the call. However, he received several calls from that same number but he chose not to receive those calls.

The former assistant also said that Depp was so infuriated by he excrement that he wanted to DNA test the faeces to know the exact origin. Depp wrote in a text exchange to a friend that his wife left a ‘whooper poo’ on his bed and further called her ‘Amber Turd’.

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Amber Threatened Depp’s Assistant

Murphy also revealed that Heard had threatened him several times saying he will lose his job. In one such instance, Heard said his job was in danger if he did not make a statement exonerating her of the blame for taking the couple’s Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo into Australia illegally. Heard wanted him and her assistant, Kate James to take the blame.

It was also revealed that their dog, Boo, had difficulties with toilet training. Heard had texted Murphy saying that she thinks the dog has brain damage and she can’t control it. Heard further said in the text that the dog shit all over Depp while he was sleeping. She clarified that she is not exaggerating.

Ben King, another one of Depp’s former estate managers, also gave shocking statements. He claimed that Heard travelled with ‘large number of cases of wine’. King further said she drank two bottles every night and started arguments with Depp.

He also revealed that Heard was the ‘antagoniser’ in their relationship. King said she often tried to provoke Depp and the couple argued like children. He said rows started with ‘banal beginnings’ before escalating.

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It was also alleged that Depp had wrote Amber’s name in urine across the floor in Australia. He was said to have yelled, “I need to take a f***ing p***, it’s my house”. However, Depp denied the allegations saying he would have been in no position from doing that because of his severed finger which happened during that mayhem. King also denied noticing any urine while cleaning up.

Depp is suing the Sun’s publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN) and its executive editor Dan Wootton over an April 2018 article which alleged he was violent towards ex-wife Amber Heard during their relationship. 

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