Johnny Depp Wanted To Expose Amber Heard For This

Johnny Depp Wanted To Expose Amber Heard For This

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to be in the spotlight even after their sensational defamation trial. Ever since Depp has been declared the winning party, there have been various challenges to the verdict, and even the jury’s liability was questioned.

However, recently various court documents have been unsealed this week. One of the documents shows how Johnny’s team wanted to expose Heard’s alleged past as an ‘exotic dancer’.

As per the documents obtained, there was back-and-forth between the legal teams. One such instance is Depp’s team asking for his medical history to be excluded while there were motions to present potentially dangerous information about Heard that could cause damage to her image.

One such particular claim is that Heard was an ‘exotic dancer’ way back before meeting Depp. The actress’ legal team even claimed Depp’s team wanted to discuss “Amber’s brief stint as an exotic dancer years before she met Mr Depp.”

Allegedly, Depp used to call Heard a ’50 cent stripper’ in his texts. It was revealed in one such text chain what Depp wrote to talent agent Christian Carino. He wrote, “I cannot wait to have this waste of a c**t guzzler out of my life!!! I met an f*****g sublime little Russian here…Which made me realize the time I blew on that 50 cent stripper.” 

Heard’s lawyers also wrote that Depp was in a mood to attack Whitney; as he said he wanted to bring up her reality show video. At the end of the defamation trial; Depp was awarded $10.35 million when they decided he was affected by the op-ed by Amber.

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