Johnny Depp Spends Over 48 Lakhs on the Indian Feast after Winning Trial

Johnny Depp Spends 48 Lakhs on the Indian Feast after Winning Trial

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp spent over $62,000 or RS 48.22 lakh for the celebrations, along with a special celebratory curry dinner with his friends. The actor spent the Sunday evening along with his friends in Birmingham, England.

The actor indulged himself in a feast that was combined with authentic Indian cuisine, and it also included cocktails and rose champagne, in the Varanasi restaurant, that serves “heavenly recipes and soothing ambience,” as per the reports.

As per the reports the actor won the defamation trial against his former wife, on last Wednesday and also he was awarded with a $10.35 million judgment in his brutal defamation trial.

The actor was hanging out along with his musician friend and collaborator Jeff Beck, 77, and other than that and other than him there were 20 more people present in their party. It was seen that the restaurant was, Birmingham’s largest Indian restaurant.    

Johnny is staying in UK as will be joining Beck on his tour. Not just that, the actor has also appeared on the stage at several of the guitarist’s shows. Even in the last month, in London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Depp travelled to Birmingham, to perform along with Beck onstage for his show in city’s Symphony Hall. Johnny and his entourage had arrived to the trendy eatery by 7 p.m. and posed for photos with fans, as per the reports. The restaurant was closed so that, Depp and his friends could eat in private, and they left the restaurant around mid-night.  

Mohammed Hussain, who is the operations director of Varanasi, told that “We had a call out of the blue on Sunday afternoon saying that Johnny Depp wanted to come to eat with a group of people.”

Johnny Depp’s feast included many Indian delicacies

He further continued about how the chefs had prepared the feast for the Hollywood star, which included delicacies such as Shish Kebabs, Chicken tikka, Paneer tikka masala, Lamb Karahi and Tandoori King Prawns.  The feast ended up with a simple cheesecake and panna cotta for the dessert.

The executive had also shed some light on the evening, noting that Depp was a “very lovely, down-to-earth bloke.” Hussain, further said that, “(He) spent a lot of time speaking with the staff, our friends and family and was happy to pose for pictures with them. You would never have thought that he was such a big star. He had a lot of time for us all.”

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