Johnny Depp Fans Wonder How Amber Heard Is Getting Money To Appeal

Amber Heard has filed a motion to appeal along with her legal team. She is appealing the ruling from the defamation trial with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The jury had ruled out that Amber’s op-ed had defamed Depp and had rewarded him with $15 million.

However, the jury also ruled that Adam Waldman’s comments were defamatory to the actress as they awarded her $2 million. But in response to Johnny getting $15 million from her, Heard’s legal team quickly broadcasted she will not be able to pay the amount.

Now that she has filed a motion to appeal this verdict, people are questioning how she is getting this money to fund the appeal? A spokesperson for Heard had revealed that they believe the court made mistakes that prevented a fair verdict. It is also not consistent with the First Amendment, because of which they are appealing the verdict.

The spokesperson further said, “While we realize today’s filing will ignite the Twitter bonfires, there are steps we need to take to ensure both fairness and justice.” The motion was filed in Fairfax County Circuit Court as they are arguing that the verdict is faulty. This news was first reported by Daily Mail.

Heard was arguing previously how a jury member who was someone else was presented. This was hit back brutally as the judge pointed out many facts regarding the neutral position of the jury.

Depp’s team clarified that the jury had listened to the extensive evidence that was presented in the trial and decided on the verdict. They described the verdict as clear and unanimous. However, as per the reactions of the people and the jury as well as the judge are on Team Depp.

Users Question Heard’s Actions

On the other hand, the internet is figuring out how Heard is able to afford all of these legal fees after her claims of being unable to pay Depp. She had also blamed Depp for not being able to pay her pledged charities because Depp kept suing her.

A user questioned if Amber can afford an appeal and how can she not afford to pay the charities. The user also added how the actress had said she wants to move on but still appealed. Another user stated how Heard should be in jail for perjury. They further added that she does not have money for the sick and dying children; but has money from insurance to pay for the appeal.

Many others echoed the same sentiments as they question how Heard is able to afford this appeal.

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