John Cena Says That He Has Been Studying About NFTs And Twitch Streaming Lately

John Cena, the multi-talented A-list celebrity is eyeing something new and different in his career. The wrestler-cum-Hollywood celebrity has recently completed the filming for his HBO series PEACEMAKER which will premier on January 13.

Peacemaker has been rescued from death and assigned a task on HBO Max. Cena is accompanied on his current adventure by co-stars Holland and Steve Agee from The Suicide Squad, as well as Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Freddie Stroma, and Chukwudi Iwuji.

What Did John Cena Say?

Fans saw John Cena making the leap from professional wrestling to acting but now it seems like Cena has other plans in mind. Fans may not see John Cena in movies or WWE Smackdown comingup but might see him getting involved as a social media influencer.

John Cena recently revealed that he has been trying to study about Non-Fungible Tokens )NFTs_ and Twitch streamers in his free time.

“I just went into a rabbit hole following EDM dance culture, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and also Twitch streamers because I know nothing about any of these avenues of the world.”

“It’s tough to follow the timelines because of the amount of people I follow, but I’m trying to learn more about the world.

Cena Follows Over 300,000 People On Twitter

John Cena follows more than 320,000 people on his Twitter handle, something which is very odd for a high profile celebrity like Cena. The likes of John Cena such as The Rock or CM Punk follow less than 400 people on their Twitter.

“There’s fandom to there, and there’s passion to there, and there’s performers and stories,” said John Cena.

“The end product for me is that I get a greater scope of what’s going on, and I can learn stuff about stuff I don’t know about, hopefully, create a community. If you have seen the people I follow on Twitter, hopefully maybe you will have seen some of the messages I sent.”

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