John Cena says he’ll return to WWE, but he’s not sure when News

John Cena says he’ll return to WWE, but he’s not sure when

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Time icon June 26, 2021

John Cena confirms that he intends to return to WWE, however he does not know when. Cena, a seasoned champion who has won the WWE championship an incredible 16 times, is gearing up for his greatest summer yet with parts in F9 and The Suicide Squad. He has, however, made no secret of his desire to return to the ring.

Cena last competed in WWE at WrestleMania 36, where he lost to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a highly praised Firefly Funhouse cinematic match. Some fans thought the match was good enough to be Cena’s final match because it practically captured his entire career up to that point and even directly featured some of the popular criticisms of Cena’s overall performance.

However, with the revelation that WWE is preparing to reintroduce live audiences, there has been speculation that Cena may be considering a comeback. Cena has confirmed his return after teasing it previously. With one important caveat.

Return to WWE

Cena was asked if he plans to return to WWE during an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The star of F9 has stated that he will. However, he was quick to add that, due to his busy movie schedule, he wasn’t sure when he’d be back. Cena also hinted that an injury in the ring could cause delays in the high-profile projects he’s currently working on. Cena’s comments to Fallon can be found below.

The best-case scenario would be to place Cena in a short-term conflict that relied mainly on promos, limiting his time in the ring. For the time being, many fans believe Cena will be involved in a feud with Reigns. In late 2017, the two sparred, and rumors suggest that WWE may be plotting a rematch for the 2018 SummerSlam event.

Roman Reigns has only improved significantly as a character in recent years, becoming more at home and finding his stride as an arrogant villain. Their match would almost certainly generate a lot of buzz and interest at a key time for WWE, when live audiences are returning to venues. Cena, at the very least, appears to be on his game.

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