John Cena Gave His Views On AEW Star

John Cena Gave His Views On AEW Star

When questioned about AEW standout Max Caster, veteran WWE Superstar John Cena had nothing but admiration for the young up-and-coming wrestler.

To promote the WWE Evil series on Peacock, Cena recently spoke with source. As a rhyming wrestler, Caster has attracted apparent similarities to a young Cena, and Cena believes Caster would beat him in an exceedingly rap fight. The Dr. of Thuganomics was challenged to a duel with Caster.

“He’s incredibly gifted.” “I remember hearing him for the primary time and requesting a decent friend of mine to please forward his information to me,” Cena explained. “I randomly verified his raps and located that what he was doing was great.” I wish him luck. But I am unable to offer him any advice because he punches way above my weight class.

Cena then praised the Acclaimed member for his extraordinary talent. He remembers hearing Caster for the primary time and contacted an addict to forward Caster’s information to him. “I know Max Caster, and therefore the answer is not any,” Cena said.

He’s a natural. He’s talented enough to rhyme to the beat live, whereas I choose to do my stuff a cappella to let the punchlines to sink in.” Cena would speak about his insights into various aspects of the grappling industry. Including what makes a good heel.

Cena thinks Caster is a better version of him

He also commented on the forthcoming highly anticipated main event, which is able to happen at the foremost spectacular Wrestlemania of all time. When Brock Lesnar faces one-on-one to unify the WWE and Universal Championships.

However, John Cena did imply one AEW star during this interview, which was intriguing. Max Caster is here. Caster, one 1/2 The Acclaimed with Anthony Bowens, has shown an increase in fame thanks to his gift of the gab. Which has been compared to John Cena’s early years because the Doctor Of Thuganomics.

Cena thinks Caster may be a better version of himself than he was in WWE. “Hip-hop is continuously evolving and progressing, and he’s the higher version of what I created,” Cena asserted. “He’s just wonderful.” He features a lot of promise as long as he keeps things in perspective.” Caster lost against CM Punk on tonight’s AEW Dynamite edition. He normally works tag team matches, but his partner Anthony Bowens is injured.

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