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John Abraham reveals why he chose not to announce his donation to COVID-19 relief fund!

Bollywood actor John Abraham has already made his contribution to COVID-19 relief funds, but he did not want to announce it in public!

There have been several discussions on celebs announcing their donations in public. While many of the celebs chose to talk about their contributions in public, actor John Abraham did not want to announce his donation.

He told DNA, “I think people who have announced, have done fantastic jobs. People like me would not make it public, not even in a subversive way. Not even through a PR person, where you find out ‘Hey, John has been doing this, he has not told anybody, but he’s told people to tell’. So I am probably right at the other end.


Calling the police, army, medical professionals COVID warriors, John said, “They all are real-life superheroes. Situations bring out unlikely heroes, and this pandemic has brought up probably the likeliest ones, that’s the people in the medical profession.”

John went on to talk about his life in lockdown as he revealed how has always preferred home food being comfortable in his house. The actor also talked about how things are not going to be back to normal on May 4 as it will take the end of this year to let things get back to normal. ‘It’s going to be a new normal’, he said

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