Joey Janela

Joey Janela Reacts To Booker T’s Fire Spot Criticism

Joey Janela, a current GCW and former AEW star, made headlines this weekend when he lit his boot on fire to hit a flaming superkick against Drew Parker at GCW Maniac. The flames did not go out, much to Janela’s surprise, pressuring a few GCW crew to step into the ring to put out the flames. Janela avoided damage, and the fight resumed, with Parker eventually taking the victory.

In addition to the problem, Janela has received criticism from multiple wrestlers, such as WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. The long-time Harlem Heat member slammed Janela’s actions on his Hall of Fame podcast, calling his flaming superkick the dumbest thing Booker saw in his long tenure. Janela, has never been one to steer away from critique or a good laugh, reacted to Booker’s opinions on Tuesday with a regard to Booker’s WCW days.

Janela is referring to Booker T’s clothes as a participant of Harlem Heat with brother Stevie Ray, in which the brothers decided to wear flames on their trousers. There has been no word on whether or not Booker T will react to Janela’s joke.

Booker T Views On Naomi and Sasha Banks Case

Those who endorse Naomi and Sasha Banks moving out of WWE Raw, according to Booker T, are on a slippery road. Booker spoke out about the former Women’s Tag Team Champs, who are suspended by WWE. Despite having a significant role in the planned main event match, the two women allegedly walked out just before WWE Raw last week.

The company responded by dethroning them and plans to hold a tournament to crown champions in the coming years. Several major wrestlers, such as Mickie James and CM Punk, have come out in support of Banks and Naomi in the days since, but Booker T is not one of them.

He simply believes the situation should have been handled differently. I understand if they wanted to go out and get the job done, then come back and say, ‘Hey look, whatever you’ve got planned for us going forward, we’ve got to talk about it, or we’re not in for it.’ But for anyone to support getting up and leaving the show, it sets a precedent for guys willing to stand out and quit the show.

Neither Banks nor Naomi have publicly commented on the situation, and that hasn’t stopped the story from taking numerous twists and turns over the past week, from WWE’s initial statement and various punitive measures to reviews of creative disagreements to rumour on whether the entire thing is a work. Booker T, for one, believes it isn’t, but wishes the incident hadn’t gotten so much attention.


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