Joe Rogan Shares New ‘Cold Shock’ Workout Routine And His Fans Are Not Convinced

Joe Rogan is the host of the world’s most elite Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. He invites a lot of high profile guests on his podcast and talks about a wide range of subjects such as career, personal branding, politics, comedy, and more.

Joe Rogan is usually in the news for his outspoken and straight-forward attitude. He was recently criticized for claiming to ‘self-treat’ COVID by consuming Ivermectin.

Joe Rogan’s New Workout Routine

And now the Podcaster has shared his uncanny new workout routine that involves cold shocking his body by hopping between a hot and humid sauna and an immediate cold dip following that.

In his new workout routine, Joe Rogan spends 20 minutes in a sauna, then follows it with two minutes in the cold, before jumping back into the sauna. While this might be a little too far stretched, some fans think it is scientifically proven and beneficial for the body while others are outright afraid.

“When I’m heating back up in the sauna again, and I have my eyes closed it’s like I’m on a wild roller coaster. I feel like I’m flying,” Joe said.

Fan Reactions

There’s also the very real thought while it’s happening where I’m like, “you know, there’s a strong possibility that this is bad for you,” he added.

“This man will die in a sauna,” commented one fan. “That’s your blood pressure and it’s definitely dangerous,” added another. “It’s all fun and games until randomly one day you faint with no one around.”

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