Joe Louis Takes on Brazil’s Music Industry

Music producer, singer and mixing engineer Joe Louis has taken his talents to Brazil! As a surprise to none, this international rising-star has already began to make a splash in Brazil’s music industry since arriving to the country in late April. Joe has continued his work with music director and bassist João Marcos who has produced and directed some of Brazil’s biggest Samba artist such as Thiaguinho and Diogo Nogueira   (pictured left). The two are preparing to release original music together in 2022 with Louis as the vocalist and Marcos as the producer. Joe stated “Working with João is always a great experience, his expertise allows me to feel comfortable with my artistry in another producer’s hands aside from my own.” On top  of working with João, Joe is in Brazil preparing to shoot the pilot episode of an upcoming TV series where Joe and his mentor Nate Waller will travel to different countries to work with a pop artist from that country as well as showcase that country’s culture, experiences and of course music.

Joe will begin working with one of Universal Music Brazil’s developing artist (whom he can not name at this time) as one of her producers. Joe’s goal is to use his productions and connections in the  states to help break her into the American music market early in her career, this is apart of one of Joe’s bigger aspirations… creating a working relationship between the U.S.’ and Brazil’s music industries. 

When we asked Joe what the hardest part about working in a foreign country was he responded: “creating music will always be just that, creating music. If the creators are gifted there is never an issue with creating. Some of my easiest [recording] sessions have been with people in which the only language we have in common is music. The hardest part about working in a foreign country is adapting to their culture. I’m learning that every country makes their music differently and the culture surrounding their music is extremely important to the process, so the hardest part is learning new culture… but even then it’s not hard, it’s interesting.”

Even though Joe Louis is currently based out of Brazil he makes it very clear that he is still a focused on his projects in America, his biggest being with viral TikTok influencer AceBKing. Joe is not only AceBKing’s music producer and engineer but he is also apart of his management team that is headed by Tinashe Chaponda, the CEO of Sosani Agency. Joe claims that AceBKing will also be very pivotal to growing the musical relationship between the U.S. and Brazil as Brazil has a very strong and open LGTBQ+ community not only in their music industry but throughout the country as well. Joe believes AceBKing will serve as a pioneer for rappers and artist in the LGTBQ+ community worldwide due to his superstar like talents, his contagious personality and his bravery to always be himself.  Joe and AceBKing will be releasing new music August 2021!

There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to Joe Louis, to learn more about Joe Louis visit his website and follow him on Instagram.


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