Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Likes This Album By Taylor Swift

As the years have passed, seems like now everything is good between Taylor Swift & Joe Jonas. Also, it turns out to be Joe Jonas’s wife Sophie Turner is a Swiftie. In a recent live session on TikTok, the couple revealed their favorite albums by Taylor Swift.

Recently the couple got blessed with a baby girl, they announced the arrival of her through a statement. Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner did a live session on TikTok where they answered some fan-related questions about them.

One of the questions asked was from a fan account of Taylor Swift named “Swifferupdates” who asked what their favorite Taylor Swift album is to which Sophie Turner replied that her favorite album of all time is the 1989 album of Swift.

Further Sophie Turner explained how the Reputation of 2017 by Taylor was inspired by her show Game of Thrones. She says, ” Although, Reputation was inspired by or partly inspired by Sansa & Arya Stark. Did you know that?” she asked Joe.

Arya Stark & Sansa are the characters of Game of Thrones, they were sisters who shared a very complicated relationship. Sophie Turner played the role of Sansa Stark in the show. After she revealed about the Swift album was inspired by the show, Joe Jonas replied, ” That’s pretty cool.”

Joe Jonas further says, ” And 1989 is a great album. Bangers. Bangers!” Seems like the couple shares a common interest in Swift’s 1989 Album.

Taylor Swift On Being Inspired By Game Of Thrones

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Swift revealed that she binge-watched Game of Thrones finally, after avoiding spoilers for years. She says, ” These songs were half based on what I was going through, but seeing them through a Game of Thrones filter.”

She further gave examples of which songs of the albums were inspired by which character of Game of Thrones. She says, ” Look What You Made Me Do is literally Arya Stark’s kill list.”

The song which was inspired by Sansa & Arya Stark was “I Did Something Bad”, says Taylor Swift.

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