Joe Jonas Recalls The Time He Lost The Amazing Spiderman Role To Andrew Garfield

Fans loved Andrew Garfield in the role of the Amazing Spiderman. But do you know that some other actor battled for this role but lost it? Joe Jonas, the popular songwriter, and actor is the one who didn’t get to play Spiderman. As we all know Spiderman is one such character in the MCU and Sony, that’s loved by everyone. Because fans have grown up watching this character.

Recently, Joe Jonas did an interview with Variety, where he opened up about losing the Amazing Spiderman role to Andrew Garfield. He recalled how he was excited to audition and get the role but unfortunately didn’t get it. As Andrew Garfield got the web head’s role. He adds, “Obviously, he was the right one. But I remember that was a big thing at the time going back for callbacks and the director used to be a music video director.”

Joe Jonas says that he loves the overall process of this casting journey. He likes doing auditions and putting himself out there to prove himself.

Spiderman’s role was never of just one actor. It was played by multiple actors in different films. Like in 2002, in the Spiderman movie Tobey Maguire played the webhead. He got a series of three sequels. After this in 2012, the role was passed on to Andrew Garfield to play The Amazing Spiderman.

Andrew just got two sequels, as the second sequel didn’t perform well at the box office. Also that the studio was not okay with the actor’s behavior, so he never got a third film.

Further, MCU brought its own web head in the form of Tom Holland. They introduced the character in Captain America: Civil War. Now as Marvel is exploring its multiverse concept, they brought back all three Spiderman in No Way Home film, giving fans Nostalgia.

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