Jimmy Fallon Makes Emotional Return to ‘The Tonight Show’ Studio

Jimmy Fallon is finally back on his studio after months of shooting ‘The Tonight Show’ from home. He taped his show on a real soundstage, returning to 30 Rockefeller Center.

He was joined by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on his exciting return. Fallon welcomed Charlize Theron and Cuomo as his guests on the show. Although they still joined him via video chat. However, before introducing his guests Fallon addressed his return. He gave an emotional and heartfelt explanation on why it was important for him to come back.

Fallon said he is here to show everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel if everybody keeps each other safe. He was sitting in a stool in his largely empty studio and was joined by the crew. All the members were wearing masks and PPE and standing several feet apart from one another.

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Members of the show’s band, The Roots, were also present. Fallon said that he feels any type of normalcy feels great. He continues getting a little emotional hoping that they can put a smile on everybody’s face for an hour every night. The host said, “So hopefully we can put a smile on your face for an hour every night and let you sit back and relax while we try to bring you a little bit of normal.”

He explains that the show will be different than what it normally is. Fallon said that the guests will be streaming from home and there will be no audience. He further said that they are here slowly and safely getting back to work. Fallon said, “So we are here for you and slowly and safely getting back to work and back to whatever normal is. Welcome again toThe Tonight Show,and thanks for watching.”

After that, they had a fun musical about how things are starting to become normal. Fallon welcomed Theron as his first guest followed by Andrew Cuomo.

However, Cuomo’s interview seemed important to Jimmy, as he credited Cuomo’s leadership for getting New York back to some semblance of the way things used to be. At least enough for Jimmy to get back to work.

Cuomo also returned the sentiment welcoming Jimmy and saying that New York is finally back now that he is doing his show again. The duo discussed about how New York tackled the pandemic through hard work and public health initiatives. The state brought down their infection and mortality rates by leaps and bounds.

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Fallon further asked the governor about his dating life. He mentioned that an unamed friend of his wanted to know where he is at for dating amid the pandemic.

“Zero. I’m at phase zero on dating,” Cuomo replied with a laugh. “There’s no duration on phase zero the is no automatic time to go to phase one you could stay at phase zero for months! I think New York City will be fully re-opened before I get out of phase zero on dating.”

The Tonight Show airs weeknights at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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