Jimin of BTS Talks About His Solo Album In New Interview With W Korea

Jimin has been making lots of headlines recently, with the rumor of his solo release in February, the announcement of his association with Dior, and his collab single release with Taeyang of BigBang. Jimin also recently surprised fans with a solo magazine cover with W Korea which seemingly marked the beginning of his solo era. Jimin looked amazing in the pictures for the magazine, dressed in all Dior. Jimin is also confirmed to be attending the upcoming Dior show at Paris Fashion Week, which will also be his first fashion show appearance.

Jimin talked about a variety of topics in his interview with W Korea magazine.

Jimin was asked about his parents’ reaction when he first told them that he was going to become a Dior ambassador. He answered, “My parents always say with a happy expression, ‘I’m really proud of my son.”

Q – Did you find the answer to ‘what I want the most’, which will be the starting point for Jimin‘s solo album?

ans – “I couldn’t find a grandiose and clear answer. I don’t think there’s a more appropriate expression other than ‘I just want to do my current job better for a long time’. So I’m looking back one by one, reflecting on my past feelings and organizing them”

About PJM1: “I’ve been asking the producers, ‘what about this?’ ‘what about that’. I’ve been working on music. I definitely felt a lot of ‘enjoyable’ feelings ^^ The more I did it, the more I enjoyed it, so I thought that our members told me ‘I wish I could work on music’ so that I could feel these things ^^ Connecting it to creation and work was another matter. It wasn’t that easy or fun”

Q – You can imagine and draw your future for a while. What do you expect and hope for Jimin as time goes by?

ans- “I want to be a person who can afford it. If I want to be able to relax in things like music or the stage, I have to become a person who is good at it In order to be able to afford it, my heart must be as strong as that, and I need to create a more solid environment. I want to become a person who can keep my promise to be that way”


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