Jimin of BTS Shows Love For Fans With New Tattoo Inspired By A Fanart

How does it feel to have a BTS member acknowledge you as a fan? It will undoubtedly be one of the finest moments of your life if they respond to your Weverse post or even if they unintentionally like one of your tweets (which doesnt really happen).

You can only imagine the delight of fan whose fanart goes on to be the inspiration for a tattoo on the body of their favorite star.

So, here is what transpired. In case you weren’t aware, Jimin performed a LIVE Weverse yesterday, September 18. He surprised the fans a few hours earlier by attending a livestream for the first time in a very long time. He discussed a variety of topics, such as his health, new projects, bandmates, and other things. But amid all of this, the Serendipity singer’s admission of having a neck tattoo rendered ARMY completely stunned.

Many people who follow him are aware of the tattoo on the idol’s back. On his spine, he had many tattoos of the moon. It is not, however, what he had originally planned.

Jimin said on his LIVE that he first had a crescent moon tattooed just behind his neck. However, one day his 95-liner friend V sent him a fanart of the LIE singer with a full-back tattoo. Jimin liked it so much that he chose to add five more moons to his original single moon tattoo.

During his stream, he even displayed a picture of the fanart. Here’s where to see it:

“I’ve got this moon tattoo on the back of my neck, ahh.. should I not say this *laughs*” he said during the live. “”Taehyung showed me this fanart and saying “Look at this it’s a fanart, it’s so pretty!” So I got it done like that. I originally had only one but now have like 5 moons”


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