Jimin of BTS, Jisoo of BLACKPINK, & Jung Haein To Come Together For Dior At Paris Fashion Week?

Kim Taehyung of BTS, Lisa of BLACKPINK, and Park Bogum coming together for CELINE at the Paris Fashion Week last year was the highlight of K-Pop in 2022, and also one of the rare moments where fans got to witness a BTS member and a BLACKPINK member under the same roof. History may repeat itself once again this year. There have been rumors on social media that Dior may be planning to bring Park Jimin of BTS, Kim Jisoo of BLACKPINK, and Korean actor Jung Haein together for the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week on 1st March.

Jisoo is officially affiliated with the luxury fashion brand as their global brand ambassador. While Jung Haein has been part of multiple campaigns with Dior. Both Jisoo and Haein starred together in JTBC’s Snowdrop. Both stars have also been spotted at various Dior Fashion shows.

Jimin, a vocalist, and dancer in BTS, is not yet officially associated with any fashion brand. However, his latest (and first-ever) solo magazine cover with W Korea seemed to be entirely sponsored by Dior. Styled by Kim Youngjin, Jimin wore multiple outfits from Dior men’s summer 2023 collection.


Ever since the W Korea magazine cover was released, fans have been dreaming about seeing Jisoo and Jimin together at the upcoming Dior show:

“jimin and jisoo interaction through dior. i know its gonna happen. it will happen.”

“for me I think dior is incapable for bringing jimin jisoo and haein together at dior show they’re actually missing out the real impact to be happen in fashion industry. @/Dior now prove me wrong.”

“And when Dior pulls out a Celine with jisoo,jimin and haein for the next show THEN WHAT”

“so what if we get jimin jisoo haein for dior pfw”

YG Entertainment recently confirmed that Jisoo will be making her solo debut this year. Jimin is also confirmed to be making his official debut as a solo artist. Jimin also has a new song with Taeyang of BigBang releasing this Friday.

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