Jimin of BTS Confirms His Solo Album Will Be Out Soon

It was reported by K-media a few weeks ago that it has been confirmed by their sources that Park Jimin will be releasing his solo debut album in February. And now Jimin has himself confirmed that his solo album will be out soon. Jimin, who doesn’t use social media as much as other K-Pop idols, recently delighted fans with a live session on Weverse.

In the live session, the K-Pop idol who is known as the “Global IT Boy” said his solo album is not 100% ready yet, but it is releasing soon. Jimin also talked about his recent collab single with Taeyang of BigBang. He said Taeyang was his idol and that he is nice and kind in person.

Jimin was recently announced as the new global brand ambassador for Dior. Following the announcement, the 27-year-old vocalist and dancer also made his first fashion show appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Jimin said he was nervous for his first fashion show, but he has j-hope there with him to support him. He also said that he avidly watches Suga‘s suchwita, and that he’s doing things that make him happy.

Jimin On His Solo Album

Recently, Jimin talked about the major difference he observed between working alone as solo artist VS with BTS in his interview with W Korea.

In a behind-the-scene interview given to the magazine amid photoshoot, the singer, 27, spilled on the creative progress of his first-ever upcoming solo album and the pressure he felt while working alone on it.

“I feel a lot of pressure… As I experienced “the past 2 years, I put my feelings and thoughts in the album chronologically. It’s an album that I can look back on myself, I think? I would like you to think like that” he said.

“Since I am working on an album like this for the first time, ‘Can it be released like this’. I am having lots of thoughts like that, which makes me modify more and do it over. So…More than the fans waited, it can feel like it’s coming out late.”


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