Jimin and Taehyung of BTS Dominate May’s Boy Group Personal Brand Rankings

Jimin secures the top spot while Taehyung claims second place in the latest rankings

In the highly anticipated release of the May 2023 boy group personal brand rankings, BTS members Jimin and Taehyung have emerged as the reigning champions. The rankings, compiled by the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, analyze big data to determine the individuals with the strongest personal brand reputation within the industry.

Jimin Ranks First

BTS’s Jimin has once again asserted his dominance, securing the coveted first place in the May rankings. With a brand reputation index of 3,961,913, Jimin showcased his unwavering influence and popularity among fans and the public alike. Known for his dynamic performances and charismatic stage presence, Jimin’s personal brand resonated strongly with the analysis criteria, which included participation, media coverage, communication, and community engagement.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute highlighted that keywords such as “participate,” “release,” and “record” played a significant role in shaping Jimin’s brand reputation. Additionally, terms like “Like Crazy,” “OST,” and “ARMY” were highly associated with him, indicating the immense impact he has had on music releases and his dedicated fan base. Notably, Jimin achieved an impressive 86.77% positivity rate, further emphasizing his positive public image.

Following closely behind Jimin, fellow BTS member Taehyung, also known as V, claimed the second position in the May rankings. With a brand reputation index of 3,620,208, Taehyung showcased his unwavering influence and appeal. His participation index of 407,270, media index of 390,248, communication index of 1,343,843, and community index of 1,478,847 reflected his strong presence in various spheres of influence.

Known for his soulful vocals and unique artistic style, Taehyung has captivated audiences worldwide.

In third place, Kang Daniel, a solo artist, made an impressive debut in the rankings with a brand reputation index of 3,010,114. Known for his versatile talents and magnetic stage presence, Kang Daniel displayed exceptional performance across the participation, media, communication, and community indices.

Another noteworthy mention goes to EXO’s Baekhyun, who claimed the fourth position with a brand reputation index of 2,484,239. Baekhyun’s notable increase of 21.11% in his brand reputation index signifies his growing popularity and positive reception.

Securing the fifth spot in the rankings is BTS’s Jungkook. With a brand reputation index of 2,387,331, Jungkook showcased his consistent influence and impact. Demonstrating a commendable increase of 13.15% in his brand reputation index, he continues to solidify his position as an integral member of BTS and a prominent figure in the

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