Jim Cornette Compares Brock Lesnar To Top AEW Star

Former commentator Jim Cornette recently compared AEW star Wardlow to current WWE champion Brock Lesnar. The veteran has criticized the registration of the 34-year-old for last week’s Dynamite match.

During the March 23 AEW Dynamite program, Wardlow was blocked by security in an attempt to get his hands on MJF. Salt of the Earth had harsh words to Mr. Mayhem after the latter lost him on par with CM Punk in Revolution per-view.

Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on The Experience

Speaking in his podcast The Experience, Jim Cornette highlighted how Wardlow was made to look weak during the aforementioned episode. A former commentator wanted the creative team to book Mr Mayhem in the same way as The Beast Incarnate.

“They could have done this right and been accused of copying Brock Lesnar but it still would have been done right, or they could have done this exactly like this and buried Wardlow as a goof which is what they did. You don’t immobilize a guy like that, if you’ve got the security there they should have been fodder for him to beat up and throw around while MJF made his escape, and even got to [Shawn] Spears, MJF needed to be the one to make the escape.”

Not much fighting, the former Pinnacle member was made to look like the latest in Cornette’s eyes.

“Yes of course they’re doing the same thing on the other channel, well here’s an idea; just don’t do the same thing they’re doing on the other channel. Or if you’re going to do it don’t make your guy look so much worse than the other channel’s guy.”

Jim Cornette helped Brock Lesnar early in his career

Despite being associated with Paul Heyman early in his WWE career, many fans forget that it was Jim Cornette who helped Brock Lesnar with his presentation.

Cornette joined Ohio Valley Wrestling in 1999 as a leading bookmaker and was an integral part of multiplayer development. This field will help to produce a number of household names such as Randy Orton, Batista and John Cena.

Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Champion and will put the title on the line at WrestleMania 38 against Roman Reigns. It is a Title vs Title fight where Roman Reigns will put his WWE Universal Championship on the line. There will only be one winner winning all the prizes in the title unification match.

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