Jessica Simpson Pottery Barn Ad Sparks Concern Online

Jessica Simpson Pottery Barn Ad Sparks Concern Online

A commercial released on November 3 has left fans concerned for Jessica Simpson. She posted a video advertisement on her social media account as she showed off the room of her 3-year-old daughter. This was in collaboration with Pottery Barn.

Simpson is seen donning a plunging necklined leopard-print maxi dress. She looked slender and welcomed viewers to take a look at the room of her daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson. The personality explained that she decorated her kid’s room with Pottery Barn.

Jessica further shared the aesthetics of the room but it sounded a little slurry. She said, “I was really drawn to the geometric prints and the color scheme. This really, to me, is Birdie’s personality.” The video instantly raised some concern among fans for her well-being.

Even the comments section of the video pointed out her “strange behavior” and her “frail” look. A user wrote that they hope she is okay. The commercial went viral online and many were praising the well-designed interiors. However, many also raised concerns about Simpson.

Users questioned if she is okay as well as seemed worried about her weight loss and slow, slurred speech. Being a part of the internet means there are different types of people here. While some raised concerns, others were quick to troll her for her appearance. But rest assured, many users called them out by urging them to stop making such judgments.

People pointed out how many haters shamed her into losing weight and when she did, they are making hasty comments. Fans also pointed out that making fun of people with eating disorders was not cool in the 2000s neither is it now.

Simpson had talked about her issues with body image back in February 2020. She mentioned an image of her from 2009 that was shared online and many people criticized her harshly. Jessica has also previously talked about her alcohol addiction.


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